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About Company

TT Motorsport Ltd was founded in 2003 on basis and knowledge from RENCENI AUTOCLUB team which were run by brothers Ivo and Ugis Traubergs since 1995.


TT Motorsport prepares Racing cars for different racing and rallying and offers a wide range of car preparation services.


TT Motorsport is founded and run by brothers – Ivo and Ugis Traubergs. They are Racing experts and race drivers with more than 20 years of racing expierence. Ivo and Ugis are drivers with big sucess in their Racing career, Ugis has won title of FIA European Champion in year 2000 in autocross in Division-1 with team well prepared Ford Escort T16 4x4.


We are a team of autosport enthusiasts and proffessionals, who have been designing –engineering and preparing race cars since 1992.


Our services include:

  • Full car preperatio
  • Bodywork and roll cage fabrication
  • Engine, differential an gearbox rebuilds
  • Suspension installation and set-up
  • Safety system installations
  • Electronic design and installation
  • Supply and fitment of Racing parts
  • Service and maintenance at race
  • Test session organizing
  • Results analyzing by data logging at track and car